BINWUS-HIS+ It is the result of the joint work of medical, nurses and technology experts.

Thanks to the digital medical histories module, BINWUS-HIS+ streamlines the processes of medical care, making it faster, more reliable and of higher quality. The system covers all the areas that make up a health institution.


BINWUS-HIS + controls the issuance of budgets or contributions to patients who come to the center, according to the request of the treating doctor, from templates or direct selection of items and the rate according to the type of client (insurers or individuals).

BINWUS-HIS + keeps track of the data of the person responsible for payment, control of appointments, budget associated with the file and consumptions recorded from the first day of admission. At the level of this module the result of the pre-admission exams (anesthesiologist appointments, resident physician, laboratory and images) is displayed.

Patient Care

BINWUS-HIS + allows the control of patient identification data, generating a unique history number, offering control in the patient’s file.

Medical Private Practice

BINWUS-HIS + allows the assignment, reassignment and control of appointments for the outpatient area according to the doctor’s availability.

Hospitalization, emergency, intensive therapy

BINWUS-HIS + allows you to keep track of the patients that will be admitted to the different areas of hospitalization, identifying the room and the attending physician. From this module, the patient’s clinical history is recorded from the moment of admission to discharge, identifying medical orders, medical and nursing evolutions, kardex, treatment application and laboratory and image results.

Surgical area

BINWUS-HIS + takes control of the surgical planning, having the registry of the surgical interventions with the details of the procedure, diagnosis, main surgeon, assistants, anesthesiologists and circulating nurse and instrumentalist, identifying by blocks the approximate duration. The supplies used at the level of the surgical kit are identified by placing the planned versus the used.


BINWUS-HIS + allows to control the management of the delivery room area, keeping the registry of the parturient and the newborn.

Auxiliary services

BINWUS-HIS + allows the registration of the applications from the different areas of the health center to the auxiliary units such as: Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Blood Bank; among others. The results are entered manually or integrated following protocols and international integration standards (HL7, DICOM)

BINWUS-HIS + integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP to take control of the patient’s administrative file, as well as the financial impact according to the cost center that applies.


BINWUS-HIS + allows management to be carried out at the Primary Health Care level, identifying the coverage of consultation services and laboratory tests and images according to the type of agreement

Patient Portal

BINWUS-HIS + Patient Portal, offers patients the ability to manage, from any device, the planning and consultation of appointments for external consultation, images and laboratories.