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of successful experience providing integral consultancy in projects of implementation, integration and technological update.

About us

“Passion for software, smart solutions factory”.

One of our most satisfactory experiences in the technology environment was the development of health applications, which seek to run information systems in clinics and hospitals for the automation of their processes. The first health project that we developed in the private sector was in the most important healthcare center in the Táchira state, Venezuela. In just ten months, the entire platform of the institution was successfully migrated to a single system, which even became an obligatory reference for the country’s health network; From these circumstances, our human talent focused on the implementation of several projects in the most prominent clinics in Venezuela.

We are specialists in the development of our own applications and / or for third, via mobile, web and desktop; according to the client’s requirement.

The most emblematic experience revolves around the SECPAGO tool, a platform recently implemented in schools, commercial premises, clubs or social groups; in which a payment card is used during the consumption management.

One of our business lines is focused on the implementation of our HIS supported with Microsoft Dynamics, which is specialized software in the automation of medical and administrative processes for health centers, whose execution generates outstanding results in institutions where it is installed.


Why choose us?

In the potential of our human talent to resize projects of
softwares and applications.

In the manufacture of intelligent solutions for the growth of business.


With the growth of our customers in their respective markets.

Our services


Digital clinical history solution for the automation of the processes of health institutions, which supports medical and administrative functions and the provision of healthcare services with the highest quality standards and currently has more than 25 successful implementations in the market of health.

Microsoft alliences partner

En alianza con Microsoft proveemos las ventajas de Dynamics GP, sistemas ERP y CRM, para  la administración, planificación y gestión de  procesos, adaptados a las necesidades de tu  empresa, para lo cual contamos con personal  expertos en consultoría y desarrollo.

Fábrica de software

Para los clientes con negocios muy particulares  y que necesitan adaptar aplicaciones a sus  estrategias, BINWUS ofrece el servicio de un equipo  de profesionales con el conocimiento funcional y  técnico adecuado para el diseño y desarrollo de  aplicaciones a la medida. Nos convertimos en un socio tecnológico para  ofrecer herramientas que cumplan con requerimientos específicos.

Team Leaders

We are a multidisciplinary team with a wide network of the best talents, which allows us to create the perfect team to answer all your needs.

Simón E. Carreño R.CEO-Fundador

Creative, enterprising and professional
Be yourself!

Simón Carreño is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BINWUS, Bachelor of Computing and Master in Business Administration; is characterized by being a faithful believer in entrepreneurship.For 22 years he has led projects in the technological area, co-authored solutions such as SMILE, and SANOS; He also founded the organizations SOMOS Consultores and CPS – Division de Software. In BINWUS he has created the technological solutions BINWUS-HIS+ and SECPAGO.

Lorena V. Olivares G.COO

Transparent, critical and proactive
Practice what you preach.

Lorena Olivares is Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BINWUS, has a degree in Computer Science and has developed for 22 years enough experience to implement software in the health area, participating in the design and development of solutions such as SANOS. At BINWUS,  she manages the company’s operational area, oversees sales processes and supports the implementation of solutions such as BINWUS-HIS+ and SECPAGO.

Herwind C. García Y.CSA

Empirical, loyal and honest
Things are done right from the beginning.

Herwind García is Chief Software Architect (CSA) of BINWUS, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing and has 22 years of experience in the development of applications and databases, including a decade of experience in software architecture. At BINWUS, he is responsible for high level design management, defining technical standards, tools, technological platforms, integrations, compatibility, interoperability and security; Finally, he has participated in the design of tools such as SANOS and recently in the BINWUS-HIS+ and SECPAGO solutions.

José MarínGFS

Responsible, analytical and organized
We are in the world to solve.

José Marín is Software Factory Manager (GFS) of BINWUS, Senior University Technician in Computer Science, Bachelor of Computing and Bachelor of Science of Management; He has more than 20 years of professional experience in companies dedicated to software and IT consulting in IT departments for organizations linked to the petroleum, petrochemical, commercial and educational sectors. In BINWUS it has among its strategic functions the follow-up of requests for services of the software factory, both in the development and support of the second level; being an essential leader to answer for our team.

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